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Reasons to choose a mixer tap for the bathroom

The taps for the bathroom offers many more possibilities nowadays than years ago: single-lever, bimoder, ... Each one offers different benefits and the final purchase decision depends not only on the budget but on your aesthetic preferences. In Igrifos, we offer single-lever taps, which are those that have a single control to regulate the flow and temperature of the water. They are the most practical faucets and their price-quality ratio is very acceptable. Next we tell you its main benefits

1. Easy and fast regulation of flow and temperature

The mixer taps are very easy to use for all ages. Unlike bimando, which have two wheels (usually in the form of wheels). Single-lever taps allow to control the flow and temperature quickly and easily.

2. They are very comfortable: they can be used with one hand

Single-lever faucets are more comfortable because they can be easily operated with one hand.

3. Economic price-medium-high quality

Although there are different ranges of single-lever taps, many models offer a wide range of prices for all users. This is the case of Imex taps whose chrome models can be found in our catalog from € 47.