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In the category of built-in faucets we show you a catalog of washbasin taps and wall-mounted bidet faucets.

Built-in faucets are ideal for small or small bathrooms, manufacturers have designed solutions to create small but charming bathrooms. This is the case of Imex, has created a small repertoire with straight and refined lines, maximum expression of a built-in tap and also a new collection of rounded and subtle lines with a marked character of exclusive and differentiated design.


What are the advantages of choosing a built-in faucet vs traditional faucet?

- Take advantage of the vertical space of the wall, offering the bathroom a greater amplitude

- Practice: Greater comfort in cleaning the bathroom

- Aesthetic Function: they are beautiful and stylize the bathroom


The built-in bidet taps are being increasingly demanded in the Spanish market.

There are different types of built-in bidet faucets, we can find taps connected to our wc, these are very comfortable and practical to install, also and most commonly they are connected to the pipe on the wall. There are faucets of cold water and also with the option of cold and hot water, this option being the most comfortable for our personal hygiene.