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The sprinklers offer a plus of comfort and sensations to the daily shower. Imex shower sprinklers have multiple functions focused on well-being and relaxation.

Waterfall, rain shower and overhead shower

Imex shower sprinklers have different ways of falling water: rain, waterfall or overhead stream.

The sprayer in a very important element in our bathroom, which will offer us the feeling of well-being in our daily shower.

For that reason, it is important to choose a sprayer that fits our daily needs and each shower format. In igrifos you can discover which is best suited to your bathroom

Wall-mounted sprinklers

One of the solutions that we offer with Imex are the sprinklers installed on the wall.

The sprinklers embedded in the wall are ideal for enjoying an immersive experience and in which the aesthetics of the element is decisive to create the shower environment.

Sprinklers recessed to ceiling

Sprinklers installed in the ceiling are the best option for reduced showers, you will gain space and freedom of movement in the shower. With Imex you will find a rociadroes with rounded and square shapes, designs thought in a minimalist line where the least is more