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Bathtub faucets

Although shower plates are increasingly being seen, bathtubs are still very common in our homes, especially where there are small children who make bathing a game.

In igrifos we have a catalog of bathtub faucets of different types to suit your needs.

Bathtub taps with bar and thermostatic knob

The bathtub taps with bar give the bathroom a vintage feel, they take us to the faucets that were used with bathtubs installed only on the floor, without a wall.

In addition, the bar taps offer a sensation similar to that of the shower since the water fall is very similar to that of a shower sprayer. With your thermostatic control you can regulate the water temperature in an easy way.

Bathtub Faucet

On the other hand, in igrifos we offer you from the brand Imex taps a selection of taps with single-lever mixer with chrome finishes. Each one is unique in its design and finishes. You can see a catalog of finished faucets in straight lines and squares and other curved and round lines where the alacahofa finishes putting the cherry on the set.

Built-in bathtub faucet

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom and installing a large bathtub, the Java Series built-in bathtub set is an ideal option to install next to the bathtub. It is a set of built-in taps for the bathtub composed of a 25x25 cm square sprayer, built-in wall fitting, artichoke fixed to the wall and a tub spout with a 30 cm waterfall effect of exquisite design.

These minimalist lines are icons of style for their balanced lines and their straight contours.